Special collections

Avoncroft Museum cares for a collection of several thousand objects that reflect the life and work that went on within the buildings and structures. The majority of objects belong to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, ranging from small domestic items to wagons and agricultural equipment.

The Museum also owns a varied collection of architectural fragments, building materials, slide collections, plans and photographs to aid the understanding of building types and technologies in the region. The collection draws on examples from our own buildings and many other buildings across the Midlands which could not be rescued in their entirety.

In 1994 the Museum acquired the National Telephone Kiosk Collection, it contains 32 telephone kiosks,  including every type used from 1912 to the present day, which shows the history of the public telephone service in the UK. There are also two mobile exchanges and a stationary telephone exchange from the twentieth and early twenty-first century. The collection is cared for by a team of specialist volunteers.